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Our bodies are over 75% water. Since aging happens at the cellular level, hydration of the body and skin is imperative. Hexagonal Kangen water is used for deep hydration of the skin because of its absorption properties—it is absorbed six times faster than regular bottled or tap water. This ionized water balances the body’s pH levels, increases blood oxygenation, and helps release stored toxins. Water and aging are directly related. Beautiful, radiant skin starts from the inside.

European (70 minutes $90)

An amazing balancing facial. The skin is gently steamed while being cleansed and exfoliated, removing dull surface skin cells to leave your skin looking lustrous and smooth. Any comedones or milia are extracted. The arms, hands, neck, and face are gently massaged while toner and moisturizer are applied to the skin.

Hydrating (60 minutes $75)

This facial is extra moisturizing and rejuvenating, helping maintain and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. A gentle steam and exfoliation help cleanse and tone the skin by restoring its natural water and oil levels. Any comedones or milia are extracted, then a stress relieving massage is given to balance energy and encourage lymph flow.

Acne (60 minutes $75)

Everyone wants perfect skin. This facial helps treat facial impurities for a clearer complexion by utilizing non-irritating cleansers and enzyme exfoliation. A high frequency treatment helps kill germs and creates an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce puffiness and redness. This is followed by a balancing oil massage and mask, using essential oils to purify and calm skin tissue. Any comedones or milia are extracted.

Express Facial (45 minutes $65)

This is a great refresher that exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. An invigorating massage of the face, neck, and arms will help relax you and soothe sore or tight muscles.

Herbal Back Treatment (60 minutes $75)

Using therapeutic essential oils, this treatment helps skin that is prone to dehydration, roughness, or oiliness. Deep cleansing exfoliation helps detoxify the skin while you receive a stressrelieving massage.

Airbrush Tanning (25–30 minutes $35)

From light bronze to dark bronze, you can get your desired color. No orange guaranteed! Lasts 7–12 days.


Removal of all facial and body hair using soothing botanicals and plant based products before and after to minimize irritation and sensitivity.



full arm




half leg


half arm




full leg






half leg w/bikini




brow shape


full leg w/bikini






Natural Manicures* (50 minutes $30)

Includes tea tree oil and peppermint hand soak, nail and cuticle cleanse, natural oil and mineral scrub, stress relieving coconut oil massage and polish.

*French manicure in any color. Gems included!

*Finger wax included in pedicures upon request.

Natural Pedicures* (60 minutes $45)

Includes luxurious tea tree oil and peppermint foot bath, cuticle and callus removal, mineral salt scrub, reviving coconut oil massage and polish.

*Toe wax included in pedicures upon request.

Our dedication is to the highest standards in the personal care industry. Our products include no chemicals or inexpensive fillers like petroleum, artificial dyes, or ingredients you can’t pronounce or identify. We do not perform animal testing and all ingredients used are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.